Service for Tenants of furnished flats and apartments in Munich

Very important!

Only good service and good products help to stay in minds of happy customers and to come into minds of future ones…

We are trying harder -

We always strive to match your flat requirement with the best option for you.

Knowing that the change of the Munich flat market has enabled the customers to require the absolute best solution does not make it easier for the owner… nor for us….However with personal effort, integrity and loyalty towards all parties concerned we can assure you that we – as a smaller company – certainly try a lot harder to get that happy customer. Not necessarily by quantity but quality.

Everybody expects the best Deal

The Flat Agent is always the Middle Man – this can be a very tough job.

There is always the expectation from the owner to get the best rental price and likewise who wants to pay more rent than necessary?

There are always stories about “those cheap flats from colleagues which are in abundance”….and indeed some owners dump prices more than necessary.

Good locations and good flats still cost  

Please bear in mind that in most cases you are quoted an “all inclusive price”, so the money you pay does not land entirely in the owner´s hand!

As a guideline “all inclusive” means:

  • Inclusive of hot and cold water
  • Heating
  • Electricity
  • House Insurance
  • Caretaker Fees
  • Wear and Tear to some extent – An unfurnished flat must get painted between a time span of 3-5-7 years. Tenants of furnished accommodation do not need to worry about this, but so does the owner! He has to calculate this cost into maintaining the flat…..

So, this explains the higher price for furnished accommodation in Munich and hopefully also puts it back into perspective. 

Furnishing a Flat can cost between Euro 2.500,-- and Euro 10.000,-- so please note the value which you can use and the worries and time you save doing all the “furniture shopping”.  No additional bills need to be paid either, which is very convenient for the expat and family and makes budget calculation easy.

Rental Contract

We are record holders in drafting your rental contract.  Not believing in any unnecessary bureaucracy BUT in the necessary rules and paragraphs we only use our 2 page contract which is legally sound, lists all necessary parts and easy to read for all parties concerned.  Needless to say that you will get our English version.  No daunting 10 page German traditional contracts for you.

On very rare occasions the owner insists on using her/his contract but in any case we then provide you with a thorough excerpt from it.

Getting an internet connection (broadband line) installed

An internet line in a furnished Munich apartment is more the rule than the exception these days.  Companies like Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone, Telefonica o2, M-Net, 1und1, etc. are continuously lowering their rates and increasing their offers to compete in this extreme market.  Good for the customers!  Nowadays you get the modem for free and very often this also applies to the activation of the internet line. 

Any other worries?

There is never a question too simple, too special to be asked.  We fully understand your need to have a very good and reliable point of contact so never hesitate to contact us.  We answer!

Contact Information

We are here to answer your questions regarding accommodation in Munich.

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