Service for Landlords of Munich furnished accommodation

As the owner of a Munich home, one expects a Relocation Agency in Munich to act professionally on behalf of oneself.

Liz Frey Relocation provides a superb Relocation Service with comprehensive furnished offers covering nearly all parts of Munich. Your furnished offer will be marketed alongside with indepth knowledge and fairness. 14 years of experience alongside with a reputable name in the industry will enable a smooth rental.

Being the Managing Director of her company you can be assured that she is always on top of things, ie she will be the only and exclusive point of contact for you.  From making the first call of contact to her agency to completing the rental she will look after yourself and your property.  Liz Frey will meet you personally and take photos of your property.  She still believes in running her Agency with a personal appearance and engagement.  There is no issue you cannot discuss with her and she will not hesitate to advice with the experience of 14 years professional background.

From the moment you contact Liz Frey Agency for furnished homes in Munich you can be assure that things are being looked after.

The following issues will be arranged and looked after by her company:

  • Comprehensive description of your furnished offer in German and English and immediate display on her website, making your apartment available for internet viewing 24 hours per day free of charge.
  • Personal visits of the property with comprehensive photo-shooting for display and marketing on the Web.
  • Advising you on the best way of furnishing, best rent calculation and open discussion about the market situation.
  • Liaising between yourself and the prospective tenant in the best way.
  • Tenants are nearly always from sound IT companies with steady, regular income and solvent condition.  No worries about regular and correct rental payments.
  • Rental Contracts in English and German available and supplied within the same day of contract closure via E-Mail attachment.
  • Service available during the entire rental period both to you and the tenant.
  • Winding down help provided once tenants have given their notice
  • Never lose a contact: We are trying hard to keep you and your superb flat on our books and provide you with a continuous supply of good tenants. We believe in continuity.
  • - Due to the unfortunate "new rule" - called "Bestellerprinzip" the tenant is now freed from the commission if an offer is online and transparent. Please refer to our link -

Contact Information

We are here to answer your questions regarding accommodation in Munich.

Tel +49 (0)89 - 82 98 89 30