Paying a deposit for a furnished apartment and getting it back

Usually 2 months rent is paid as deposit - how to get it back?

The customers of Liz Frey are always very grateful of her keeping an eye on everything.

Most importantly: the deposit.

A standard of 2 months rent is usually being paid and who does not want it back after the end of the lease? The handover protocoll plays an important part in this: filled out at the start and end of the rental, detailing all faults and errors. For years and years Liz Frey has been looking after flats, just like her own property. She knows the furnished places inside out and nobody can construct an unpleasant scenario which would allow the owner to keep the deposit incorrectly or other way round the tenant receiving the deposit while having created a damage.

A final cleaning charge of about 150,-- is usually noted in the contract- however having fair owners this amount will be waived if the flat is returned spotless. Liz Frey has an excellent cleaning service which can be booked should need be. The deposit return usually happens within four weeks after apartment return - sometimes earlier. It is paid back in the form of a bank transfer to a nominated bank account. A rushed return, cash at the end of the lease is not professional and cannot be suggested. Should the return be delayed without any valid reason, Liz Frey will make certain that this condition of "delay" will not prevail.

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