For a very long time Munich has been leading the ranks of the „most popular German cities“, ...

... despite the sad fact that this has resulted also in the most expensive accommodation prices overall.

Munich is simply more than CSU, FC Bayern and the beer capital of Germany. It is a very friendly, open city and has become indeed most cosmopolitan.

Walk down Sendlinger Strasse, enjoy joyful shopping, listen to Abercrombie and Fitch blasting music, buy your sports gear at Sport Scheck and finish with a delightful lunch at the Japanese restaurant Sasou. Maximilianstrasse offers top notch goods for those who can and want to spend the money.

Enjoy the afternoon in the English Garden, watch a football match of FC Bayern, listen to the concert at the Chinesischer Turm.

For the weekend go down (early – do avoid the crowds!) to the alps, have a swim at Chiemsee, a visit to Salzburg or a simply take the S6 down to Starnberger See to chill at the Undosa with a Caipi in your hand. Those for you who like to stay in town can always exercise in one of the booming fitness clubs which can be found all over Munich.  We can provide a list upon requirement.

The culture scene in Munich is hosting a varied choice, Deutsches Museum, Alte Pinakothek, Neue Pinakothek, Brandhorst Museum, Stadtmuseum, BMW Welt and so on and so forth.

Ask us for a selection and our recommendation.

The job scene is most attractive and offers positions for all levels.

Traditionally Munich has been a hot spot for experienced engineers, Siemens, BMW, Knorr- Bremse, MTU are all very well know house hold names. Linde is a global player too. Infineon (Intel Mobile) has increased their offices at the Campeon tremendously over the years and is hiring staff on a stable basis.

Public transport is fast, efficient, safe, not cheap though, however if you compare to a parking ticket still very reasonable. The network is all working on a unified fee system which makes it easy to understand. The Munich airport can be reached with the S1 and the S8 link.

Munich people make use of their public transport network in order to also be able to live outside of town. All suburbs can be reached easily.

Enjoy your Munich stay and do not hesitate to contact for any information you might require!

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