The Expat got a good job in Munich, so his next step is to get a roof over his head. How to go about this?

The forums give good advice – is a very popular source to get any kind of information.

Why a fee?

Obviously nobody is happy to have to pay an additional fee on top of rent and commission, although the observation is that “foreigners” see this as a normal part of their start-up and appreciate the furnished agency scene in Munich as a bonus, in order to get settled quickly. The Germans sometimes still have their “inbred” Makler problem as I would call it.

Its worth it:

Companies are fine with the fees in general, to note is that the agencies for furnished accommodation in Munich work on a very fair commission scheme, which is in line with the duration of the lease, so the shorter the lease the less the commission.

This is in stark contrast to the “usual Maklers” who always charge 2 month commission, regardless what. In former days the estate agents were allowed to charge 3 months net rent, this explains the hesitation of German tenants who still have this scheme in mind and why they very often write in their search ads in the newspapers the threat “Keine Makler!”

All done by one person:

Back to why you chose Liz Frey and why you are now reading those lines.

The choice if yours – go for a big, big company where you always have a different people on the line or on the email, where the photographer does one job, the receptionist another, the person who sorts out the contract actually never seen the flat or met the landlord…..

Good to have a person who does it all universal... gets the call, takes the photos, gets your email, does the contract, sorts any questions/problems between you and the owner. Admittedly our photos are not that inspiring and sometimes do not do our furnished apartments in Munich enough justice, but promise: a new camera will be bought between now and very soon! At least the customer has the guarantee that the pictures are honest and not building up an expectation they cannot keep. No wide angle, so far all customers were happy with the apartment, they booked online and always commented that this offer did mirror the offer on the internet.

Speed of response:

Speed of response is expected and right so!

How fast is quick:

How fast can a rental be closed:

Online very fast, upon receipt of details for the rental contract the contract will be done and be mailed out straight away.

Our motto is:

Fast / efficient/ transparent/ authentic = management with emotional intelligence

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