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Public Transport for Munich

Munich is hosting a very efficient, safe and convenient public transport system. can give you all the information needed to get around Munich.  MVV in Munich (which is the public transport board) has an intertwined system of buses, trams, undergrounds and S-Bahns which all work on the same fee system. Buying a monthly card such as the “Isarcard” prevents you from being stopped by a random check of the officers and follow-up embarrassment.  Stripe Cards (Streifenkarten) or Daily Tickets are also available but the best option remains the Isarcard if you are here for a full calendar month.

Regional Trains leaving from Munich

The BOB (Bayrische Oberlandbahn) :

Tickets and connections can be checked via:

The blue/white/red BOB Train is an interesting way to explore Munich´s countryside.  The modern trains are leaving from S-Hauptbahnhof and S-Donnersbergerbrücke and take you to places like Tegernsee, Lenggries, Bayrischzell for any skiing level you might fancy and for a relaxing hike or swim in Summer.

A day out in the mountains, on the lakes, on the boat

Of course, places like the famous castle Neuschwanstein, Linderhof or Starnberger See and Garmisch-Partenkirchen with the Zugspitze are not far either and give every weekend a positive outlook.

Going for a Swim?

You have a choice of 5 lakes within the Munich Region:

Wörthsee, Wesslingersee, Ammersee, Pilsensee and:

Especially the Starnberger Lake is a most interesting place to go.  The S-Bahn Stop “Starnberg” stops in front of the lake and it is a joy to reach such a picturesque place in less than 30 minutes from town.  The famous Undosa Restaurant at the lake makes a great day out. Recently the Undosa has undergone a big facelifting and one can now chill out in the sandy deckchair zone with a Mojito in one`s hand….

Jumping Ship?

Ever thought about a day out on the boat: ?

The boat can also take you to a most special Museum along the banks of Lake Starnberg:

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