Munich Free Time Venues

The demanding tenants these days are not just happy with a “place to live”.

Expats in Munich want to make use of their time in a foreign country and enjoy their work projects just as much as their free time.

Fitness clubs and work out places in Munich are there in abundance now.  Sport Gymns are in virtual every region of Munich, Giesing, Schwabing, Lehel, Isartor, Maxvorstadt, pls refer to our “links” on our website.

The Olympia Park is a most attractive sport centre, which offers a large indoor swimming pool, a skating rink as well as a concert and event hall.

The famous Olympic Stadium has seen a metamorphosis from a well know Football Stadium to an event place of anything from Snowboarding to Wine tasting to Robby Williams visiting Munich in 2006 and Joe Cocker in 2013!

Of course, there is now the Football Allianz Arena which sees FC Bayern playing as well as TSV 1860 München….,watch the colours on the stadium´s surface and they tell you which team is playing….

In Summer you can enjoy your time at the beer gardens of Munich, they are in abundance and cater for every palate and individual taste.

The English Garden is always an experience. To find the green fields so close to the city makes Munich one of the most popular places to be.

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