Business Terms and Conditions (AGB / Fees) of the Liz Frey Relocation Munich

As of 01 June 2015 the below scale applies to the owners, landlords of accommodation, who offer their furnished housing, apartments and flats for short- and long term in Munich. The accommodation offers are commission free for tenants.

Exception: the so called "Bestellerprinzip" = "Purchaser Rule" which was put in place by the German government per 01 June 2015. In the case of the search request by the tenant = Besteller (Purchaser) = giving the order - and arriving before Liz Frey is receiving an explicit apartment/ flat / house offer by a Munich owner (landlord) which is a new, unknown offer in general and only offered to the very tenant in response to his search request.


Total lease duration    Percentage of the monthly rent, plus 19% VAT         Total amount, incl. 19% VAT

1 month rental              35% of one month rent + VAT =                                               41,65% of one months rent

2 months rental            40% of one month rent + VAT =                                               47,6% of one months rent

3 months rental            55% of one month rent + VAT =                                               65,45% of one months rent

4 months rental            70% of one month rent + VAT =                                               83,3% of one months rent

5 months rental            85% of one month rent + VAT =                                               101,15% of one months rent

6-9 months rental         100% of one month rent + VAT =                                             119% of one months rent

As of 10 months rental and more 

                                   150% of one month rent + VAT =                                               178,5% of one months rent


If a rental contract for a furnished flat or house is closed by Liz Frey Relocation, the following commission scheme will apply:

  1. The standard commission fee is 1.5 monthly rent (178,5% of 1 month rent)  incl VAT, but:

    Should the tenancy be shorter than 10 months, Liz Frey will allow a voluntary scale of commission fee according to the scheme above. A lease of 10 months and more will always be charged as 150% of 1 month rent + VAT.
  2. A commission fee to the Liz Frey Relocation of a maximum of 178.5% of one monthly rent (incl 19% Vat), will apply, if the tenancy is 10 months or longer. Should the initial rental which was shorter than 10 months be extended, the relevant extension fee will apply, according to below commission chart.
  3. The commission is based on the monthly rent, including extra costs unless they are listed separately, and the rental period agreed by the tenant and owner.  Should the initial rental period be extended, the relevant extension fee in accordance to the extension months will also apply.
  4. Offers from Liz Frey Relocation Service must be treated confidentially. If this confidentiality is breached the customer is liable to Liz Frey Relocation Service for the commission fee which would have been due.
  5. Liz Frey Relocation Service provides information about furnished accommodation and the possibility of a rental contract. The obligations of the rental contract are completely the obligation of the customer and the owner. Liz Frey and her company cannot be held responsible to any of the parties for a violation or breach of the rental contract.
  6. The client has to notify Liz Frey immediately once the rental contract has been signed.
  7.  If an address of an offer is already known to the customer he has to give proof of this..
  8.  By using the services of Liz Frey Relocation you are entering into a contract with this company and   agree to abide by our conditions of service, this is applicable for the whole duration.